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Spider Solitaire Best Score Possible 1,254. See How It Is Done

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Author: Mike R Edwards


How Spider Solitaire is scored.


The game starts you out with 500 points and deducts a point for each move (and adds 1 to the moves counter). As each of the 8 families (same suit ace – king) is completed, 100 points are added to the score. Therefore Spider Solitaire’s Best Score has the fewest moves plus 800 points.


Let’s play a hypothetical game.


To show you how to accomplish the best possible Spider Solitaire score, I will play a hypothetical game. The order in which the cards are dealt is critical in attaining the best score. Refer to the following table as I play the game. The odds of being dealt this hand are greater than astronomical, and you would never know it without dealing all reserve cards first.

Spider Solitaire best score can only be won with cards dealt as shown and game played as described.

Note: All cards from the reserve pile are dealt:

  1. Begin from the left side.
  2. Place the blue 7 (and 2-6) on the blue 8. That exposes the blue ace.
  3. Place the blue ace on the blue 2. That completes one family.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the remaining families.
  5. Starting from the right.
  6. Place the red ace on the red 2 then the 2 on the 3 etc.
  7. Continue right to left progressing up all the families.


To Recap:


Basically the cards are ordered so that the first 5 families are completed in 2 moves each (10 moves). The remaining 3 families are completed by moving the exposed cards to their logical place exposing cards in the bind as you go. Each family requires 12 moves to place the cards in order (36 moves). Total 46 moves required to win this hypothetical game.

500 – 46 + 800 = 1,254

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comSpider Solitaire Best Score Possible 1,254. See How It Is Done